Thursday, May 23, 2013

JavaOne 2013 -- Security Track Sneak Peek

This year for the JavaOne 2013 San Fransisco conference we added a new session track -- Securing Java.  For those interested, I thought I would share some information about the new track and a sneak peek at some early session acceptances.

Last year at JavaOne 2012 San Fransisco, I was surprised by the number of non-Oracle security presentations at the conference.  I didn't have any hard data at the time but my informal impression was security is important to the entire Java community.  There were many presentations across many subject areas like, security features and fundamentals, security expert panels, Glassfish security, Java Card, secure coding standards, and much more.  When submitting my session I had some difficulty determining under which track to submit.  I settled on submitting my security presentation under, Core Technologies.

Upon conclusion of the JavaOne conference, I confirmed my suspicions around community interest in Java security with some session metrics.  I thought with all the security content why don't we add a security track.  I approached the JavaOne conference team with my information and suggestions, and they provided their approval -- Securing Java was born.  Kudo's to the JavaOne team, Sharat Chandler (Twitter: @sharat_chander) and Stephen Chin (Twitter: @steveonjava) without their support this track would be just another good security idea that never got off the ground, my heroes.  It all sounds so easy and in fact it was.

Now for the early invites, drum roll.  Congratulations to the following JavaOne Securing Java track early acceptances (presented in no particular order).  It's a small example of what you will see at JavaOne.  Keep in mind cancellations are infrequent but they do occur. 

CON2021 "REST Security with JAX-RS", Frank Kim (Twitter: @thinksec)

CON3122 "Anatomy of a Java Zero-Day Exploit", David Svoboda (Twitter: @david_svoboda)

CON2570 "Don't be that guy! Developer Security Awareness", Markus Eisele  (Twitter: @myfear)

BOF5847 "Web Security Vulnerability Remediation in Legacy Java Web Applications", Gopal Padinjaruveetil, Wilson Rao

Many software developers will never visit a security conference or event.  The new addition of the security track for JavaOne provides a unique educational outreach opportunity.  If you are unable to attend media is usually available online a short time after the conference.

The number of sessions, quality of sessions and presenters, and topics covered is even better than last year conference.  My expectations were definitely exceeded for a first time event.  I'm positive the track will be well received and we will all have an opportunity to learn much more about Java security.  Many thanks to everyone who submitted!



  1. Thank you for making this happen! At least a quarter of the sessions I'm going to are in the Securing Java track.

    1. I will share your comments with the team. Thank u so much for sharing sincerely.


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