Wednesday, April 27, 2016

DeepViolet SSL/TLS Scanning Tool Updated

Updated on April 29, 2016

DeepViolet updated to Beta2.  A number of bugs have been fixed and new features added.  The tool can be run from the command line or alternatively as a desktop GUI application.  Refer to the GitHub DeepViolet documentation for more detail.  Following is an overview of the command line options for quick reference.

usage: java -jar dvCMD.jar -serverurl [-wc | -rc ]
            [-h -s{t|h|r|c|i|s|n}]
            Ex: dvCMD.jar -serverurl -sections ts
            Where sections are the following,
            ;t=header section, h=host section, r=http response section,
            c=connection characteristics section, i=ciphersuite section,
            s=server certificate section, n=certificate chain section
   -h,--help Optional, print dvCMD help options.
   -rc,--readcertificate Optional, read PEM encoded certificate
            from disk. Ex: -rc ~/certs/mycert.pem
   -s,--sections Optional, unspecified prints all section
            or specify sections. [t|h|r|c|i|s|n]
   -u,--serverurl Required for all options except
            -readcertificate, HTTPS server URL to
   -wc,--writecertificate Optional, write PEM encoded certificate to
            disk. Ex: -wc ~/certs/mycert.pem

Or alternative use the desktop application.

Photo 1: DeepViolet Desktop Application

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