Friday, September 16, 2016

View Into the World of Facebook Metadata

Updated on September 17, 2016

A research paper I found offers an interesting view into the world of Facebook metadata and why metadata is valuable but there's more.  The two researchers, one from FB, to be expected, but the other is from Carnegie Mellon University(CMU).  This is meaningless to a casual reader but CMU maintains a relationship and conducts security research for the U.S. Government.  At times this relationship has come under fire revealing interests in dark programs, "Why was the Black Hat talk on Tor de-anonymization mysteriously canceled?".  Of course, there is the possibility the relationship between the researchers on the FB research project may be entirely coincidental.  Many security professionals participate on projects with others across industry.  CMU also shares many positive security projects with the public and industry like their Secure Coding efforts.  Even so if we take circumstantial evidence at face value, the United States Government may have an interest in the Facebook posts/comments that users choose not to publish.

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